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With nearly 30 years of military, police and public safety experience our staff are here to ensure your House of Worship has the policies, protocols, equipment and training necessary to provide a safe and secure environment in which your congregants can worship.  Not only does our experience make us a premier company but we also hold certificates in House of Worship security as well as being certified as a private security company by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.  We are registered as a business with the State of Oregon Secretary of State's Office.  We customize our service to meet your exact needs; from consultation only to delivering training and developing emergency procedures, why pay for services you don’t need as part of package deals.  We work with you to identify your needs and then we dedicate our resources to meet them.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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Our Approach

House of Worship security is unique.  Often times a strong presence of security can be detrimental to the worship experience.  Our unique approach blends high quality security with low key presence.  Security personnel should blend in as welcoming congregants while providing the confidence of a well protected loving environment.  Our program and processes teach just that.

Why Us?

Security is our ministry.  Discreet Specialty Solutions is a ministry first and a business second.  All of our staff are active in their House of Worship.  We partner with you to ensure a safe and secure environment for your House of Worship.

Businesses will sell you products and services, Discreet Specialty Solutions works with your team to develop solid security protocols and training that are customized to your level of comfort while preparing you for the security demands of this day and age. 

We are regular people who make training fun while acknowledging that security is a serious topic in today's House of Worship experience.

Daryl is a 30 year public safety veteran with experience in police patrol, k-9, swat, violent crimes detectives, narcotics detectives, corrections, training and private security.  He is the owner of Discreet Specialty Solution which offers Oregon DPSST approved private security training and specializes in developing complete safety & security programs for Houses of Worship.  Daryl is an ALICE certified instructor for House of Worship security.


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